Free yourself from Pain, Stress & Fear

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Experience the Power of Vibrations for Well-being and Harmony!

Meditate effortlessly, release patterns and grow spiritually on their own through Sound to get free from Pain, Stress and Fear.

Would you like to Experience the Power of Sound?

Effortless path to Transform and Transcend.

An age-old Siddha way to transform one’s vibrations using pure vibrations from Gosh Pushpa, the singing or sound bowls or music tracks.

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“Our body is nothing but an orchestra of vibrations”.

How does Sound Meditation Benefit You

It works on all levels. Hence, benefits not only limited to Health but also in depth understanding of Spiritual Awakening.


Get established in Self

Well-being and Harmony

Break-free from Patterns

De-toxify Mind, Body & Soul

Release Dense Vibrations

Expansion in Consciousness

Tune in to Antarnaad

Balances Tridoshas

As per Ayurveda Five Element Theory

Time-Tested Healing Method

from Lineage of Siddha Master

Why Ayurveda Sound Healing?


Our body is nothing but an orchestra of vibrations. Hence for centuries Sound & Music have been utilized for healing and consciousness transformation.

The Master - Our Guiding Light


Vibhushri is a nada yogi, founder of the BodhMarga Foundation and Wellness-Vibe. The name Vibhushri is ascribed from ‘Vibhuti Yoga’ in Bhagwad Gita and ‘Vibhuti Pada’ stated in Yoga Sutra owing to his connection with Siddha Vibhutis and Guru Tattwa.

The revelations to Vibhushri on sacred texts like Bhagwad Gita, Dyaneshwari, Spandashastra and direct downloads on Pasayadaan received by him led to unfolding of an un-obvious path of sudden awakening making him a guiding light for millions on the path of Bodh and Awakening. 

Sound Calendar​


Sound Home Sound Health  The Mass Sound Healing & Meditation

7:00 PM - 8.00 PM
7:00 PM - 8.00 PM​
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Get Trained to Practice Sound Home & Sound Health – Master Class

8:00 AM to 10:00 AM​​

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Make Power of Sound as part of your life

Inviting Everyone keen on Healing Self, Friends and Family!

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Common Questions

Happy to help you tread on your Sound Journey!
This is a simple experiential session that does not need any pre-requisites.
You can click on Book Now to get more details and energy exchange for the same.

It is not necessary to have Sound Bowls in the introductory session . More details on the same would be shared in the session.

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