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Achieve the mile stone of a fulfilled life with sound and frequency therapy.

“One moment of awareness is one moment of Miracle, Freedom & Enlightenment.”…Buddha teachings.

Wellness Vibe brings to you, the “I AM” Retreat, a 6-Day journey of self-enhancement. Participating in this workshop will awaken your mind body and soul to absolute Abundance, Prosperity, Freedom, Fearlessness, Joy, Peace & Love.

This intensive ‘Awakening Miracles’ retreat, uses authentic tools, reflections and easy practices to access awakened heart and ‘Kriya’.


  • The art of loving self
  • Way to become thoughtless
  • To change the sensations of traumas & emotions
  • Experience spiritual awakening
  • Brain, Heart and Navel alignment
  • Cosmic connection for manifestation
  • Awaken the peace within
  • Attitude towards Fear of Death
  • Emptying out your ego
  • Eliminate unhealthy life patterns
  • Connect to grace and the higher self

Venue: We offer you a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit in the heaven of beauty, serenity and home like closeness. For these 6 days, you can pamper your body and soul with some magnificent view of nature.  The spiritual resort where we conduct our retreat is spread over 60 acres of nature near Mumbai. Become energized through daily ‘Sound Healing’.Join us in this beautiful journey called ‘Life’, by participating in our 6 days’ workshop.


  • Daily detox with sound healings
  • Regular dance movements, sufi music, bhajan and play
  • Optional massage &ayurvedic treatments
  • 3 sattvik meals everyday
  • Sattvik,yet graceful living
  • A remarkable experience

“I AM” Retreat Information

Date:  9th Dec. – 14th Dec. 2018

Venue: Spiritual Resort, Govardhan Eco Village, Near Mumbai

Course Fee (includes 3 satvik meals, breakfast and excellent lodging)

Rooms: Limited number of rooms are available on sharing basis. Please book as early as possible

Language: Practice session will be in English / Hindi.

Special Offer on Group Booking!!!

For Registration or other enquiries

“I Am” Retreat: Know More

“I AM” Retreat works extensively on “Awakening the self” using the principles of Bodh Kriya – The Ultimate Kriya of Awareness. Bodh Kriya is an ancient Indian system of Awakening based on NAAD Yoga (Mentioned in Rig-Veda& explained in terms of Quantum physics) and is an aid to inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Why Intensive Awakening Retreats?

Bodh Kriya, is an ancient Indian system of Awakening based on NAAD Yoga (Mentioned in Rig-Veda& explained in terms of Quantum physics) and is an aid to inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.

The practice of Bodh Kriya initially requires sincere efforts on the part of the person participating. In a longer retreat, with much time for Intensive Kriya & meditations and no disturbances, one will be deeper within oneself with clearer experiences of silence. This makes a strong foundation for spiritual efforts and is a great inspiration for daily practice after going back home. Bodh Kriya becomes part of our daily routine, even while eating, travelling & doing regular activities.

In the modern routine life, Bodh Kriya proves to be simplest, easy to follow & yet most effective.

Regular Detox Sound Healings, Bhajans, Sacred Dance, Whirling, Sufi, Tribal Dances and many other practices will be part of the Retreat.




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