Sex energy is responsible for our enthusiasm, passion, and commitment and how we present ourselves to the world.It is so strong desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation.

“One can increase his success and power to manifest his desires through the transmutation of sexual energy. By improving the entire sexual system it helps increase the positive vibrations created through sexual energy. This energy can awaken multidimensional awareness (KAMA – KALA Awareness) and provide you with your desired goal and let law of attraction work for you.

Rivesh teaches how people can transform their struggle and pain into positive, meaningful action effortlessly and assists people to become empowered; free and successful. He speaks eloquently on quantum physics, and its idea that various possibilities can take form at any time, they are just waiting for a conscious intention. The power that drives that conscious intention is the strongest energy on the planet
People like Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare, and Ralph Waldo Emerson are said to have channelized their sex energy to achieve greatness.

The emotion of sex is the most powerful emotion known to mankind, because it is a BASE emotion(Mula-dharapravah).

The ancient secret of power, pleasure, creativity and genius that many great leaders, Taoists and Saints have illustrated. He re-opens the ancient secret of sex-transmutation and Law of Attraction techniques to achieve the Success, Greatness and Abundance.