SMMArt – The Art of Spiritual Manifesting Miracles

ABUNDANCE IS A CHOICE YOU MAKE, I HELP YOU ACHIEVE IT…….Shri Rivesh Vade, a ‘Naad Yogi’ who helps many live a flourishing life.


This workshop is offered by WELLNESS VIBE to help you create abundance in your life.

SMMArt – A ‘one of its kind’, inclusive workshop based on the yogic principles of Abundance.

Everyone is in search of peace, happiness wealth, prosperity and a healthy life. In fact, everyone wants all of these?  And everyone wants to know how to get it. If you are looking, your search ends here.

Conducted by Rivesh Vade, a well-known sound and frequency therapist, Wellness Vibe brings you a method transformation workshop that goes beyond the Law of Attraction. The SMMart Workshop, works around the theory of resonance and removing stuck energies or inner obstacles to maintain the flow of easy living.

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Benefits of this Workshop

  • Removes stagnant energies
  • Removes inner obstacles
  • Instils tremendous confidence
  • Attracts wealth
  • Experience deeper happiness
  • Enjoy a deeper sense of love
  • Reduce health struggles
  • Promote easy living
  • Creates abundance
Who will benefit from participating in this workshop?Everyone who wants to welcome abundance into their lives will benefit from this workshop. Professionals, Housewives, Businessmen and women, Corporates, Students and anyone looking for a better quality of life.

Facilitator: Rivesh Vade, IIT Bombay – a “NaadYogi” and Self Realized Master

Rivesh Vade is the fore-bearer of Wellness Vibe and the creator of Power Brain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health.A Master Trainer for Holistic Transformation and the Founder of Bodh Marga Foundation (Yoga of Awareness),Rivesh Vade propounds the Philosophy for human beings to be in “Synergy and Flow” with the Universe and live a life of prosperity and well-being.

Workshop Details
Duration:  4 Months (includes 4 Workshops, 5 Sessions and Ongoing Support)

Fees:  Starts from Rs. 15000/- Month


Starts From:

To know more details write to or call 08080808455, 07738470003

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