Wellness Vibe Published CD’s

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    Chakra Tuning
    Tuning chakra effortlessly. Puts you in a trance rapidly.
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  • product2
    Speak English
    Removes fear of language or any blocks related foreign language.
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  • product3
    Prosperity & Success
    Achieve Wealth, abundance and successful life.
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  • product7
    Super Self
    Super Self Freequency CD Helps reduce tension and focus on positive thoughts.
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  • product8
    Weight Loss
    Being overweight can seriously affect your health. As it isassociated with diabetes etc.
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  • product7
    Well Being
    Plays wonderful role in Headache , backache. Ideal for all age group.
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  • product4
    SSE & Intimacy
    SSE & Intimacy CD helps to Understand the fears that drive your reactions and behaviors.
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  • product5
    Super Learning
    Super Sales Frequency CD helps Increase your focus, improve your efficiency.
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  • product6
    Super Sales
    Listening to Super Sales Frequency CD helps to boost your work performance.
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