Weight Loss

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Product Description

  • Removes guilt, low esteem and anxiety related to weight gain
  • It balances your hormone and clear all negative frequencies
  • Balance your hormones and clears all negative frequencies
  • Decrease chance of developing weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis. High blood pressure.
  • At work, you will find increase in energy, flexibility and stamina
  • Boost immune system, intestine, digestion system

Being overweight can seriously affect your health. As it is associated with diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, angina, sleep apnoea, sub fertility, cholesterol problems, gall stones, and Mental Illness.
Losing weight is only half the task, the hard part is keeping it off. Some Patterns need to be released which are stuck in your Hormonal& Thyroid Level.
Our Weight Loss Frequency CD is specially designed for people who Carry Guilt, Low Self Esteem and Anxiety related to weight gain.
It Balance your Hormones &Clears all Negative Frequencies,As it helps to makes you feel Energetic & Lightened your body,You will experience a decreased chance of developing weight-related medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. At work and in the bedroom, you will benefit from increased energy, flexibility and stamina.
This amazing Frequency CD, is specially tuned to provide frequencies that encourages the health and wellbeing of the intestines, digestion system & Boost Your Immune Systems too. It Really Impacts within 6 weeks.


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