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Start Tuning your Chakras immediately!

BENIFITS of Listening to Chakra Tuning Track 35 mins.

  • Relaxation of Mind & Body
  • Reduction in Stress
  • Increase in Immunity of body & healing of various sickness.
  • Spiritual awakening with shift in consciousness & many more….

Note: Headphone is recommended for this Track.


How this Chakra Tuning CD can help you:

  • Positive shift in energy patterns
  • Dissolve negative energy in chakras; Relaxation of Mind & Body
  • Clear out emotional blocks quickly
  • Increase in Immunity of body & healing of various illness
  • Keeps you grounded and Sharpens your creativity
  • Increases will power and self esteem
  • Helps you refine communication skills and maintain cordial relationship
  • This boosts overall personality and career growth

You will feel the results the very first time you listen.

Scientists have proved that everything around us is in constant state of vibration. Basic form of vibration is Sound. It states that one can tune oneself to the perfect rhythm by opening our inner ear to the healing frequency and attuned vibrations. After listening to PowerBrain frequency music track, many have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspect of life.

About PowerBrain: Powerbrain is the combination of in-depth study of frequency music and latest technology that is soothing to ears. Brainwave & Healing Frequency is an extraordinary scientific tool design by highly qualified master, to help you improve health, reduce stress, improve sleep, improve your mental and emotional wellbeing and much more. These Brainwaves governs our emotional personality.

The human body functions harmonically. The frequencies of breathing, blood circulation, the pulse, and all the activities associated with them are intended to function in harmonic balance.

Since Chakra Tuning Track affects us at both the conscious and unconscious levels it has the effect of counterbalancing the physical and emotional states of the body and the mind. By using sound, the internal and external can be brought back into harmony and flexibility.
Chakra Tuning Track Produces Certain Frequency Which Reflect throughout our mind, body, emotions, and ‘etheric’ body.

This Chakra Tuning Track will help to bring about major, positive shifts in the energy patterns within and surrounding the human body. This frequencies will help to dissolve negative energy in the chakras & also clear out energy blocks quickly and effectively.

Studies have concluded that each Chakra is stimulated by a different individual frequency. Each Chakra frequency is unique and perfectly calibrated for optimum success. Now you can save years of intense practice and meditation.

Heal Your Body with Chakra Tuning

Love & Gratitude


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