Power of intention involves conscious interactions with the universal energy field.

Combining this potent universal force with healing sounds has proven to drastically improve the healing process.

Sound is a highly effective healing tool, in which you do not have to believe, in order for it to work.

But a different factor, the application of creative intention, may greatly enhance the effectiveness of a healing process. Mainstream medicine is a long way from recognizing the importance of intention, while nearly all sound-healing therapists use a holistic approach that addresses not only the body, but the mind as well.

Holding the power of intention greatly increases the chances for a positive and rewarding outcome.

Creative intention is another factor that can greatly amplify the effectiveness of healing.When the power of intention is held, the chances of successful outcome are greatly intensified. Intention consists of using your focused thoughts, feelings and visualizations to attract whatever is desired, such as enhancing one’s health.

It may be a long time before mainstream medicine recognizes the importance of intention. This involves consciously drawing in the universal field of energy and by utilizing this potent the universal force along with healing sounds has been known to increasingly accelerate the healing process.

It is possible that the energy of intention is carried on the frequencies of sound.Dr. Steven Halpern, American sound healer, believes that the sound is a carrier wave of consciousness.

The combination of sound and intention create the outcome of healing, since intention is the spiritual counterpart of the sound. When one uses creative intention, there is the sense of being deeply inspired (the word ‘inspiration’ means ‘in-spirit’). When we merge the mind energizing force with the universal field of energy for the purpose of healing and creation, our health and the quality of our lives can be transformed.

Of course, as we know of the relationship between the mind and the body, everything which affects the emotional or mental will also affect the physical.