About Frequency, Sound and Energy

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein

All life is vibration, as is the mind and matter itself.
Everything is in movement, from electrons circling the nucleus in an atom, to planets revolving around suns in galaxies.
Everything vibrates and if it vibrates, it is making a sound. – Novalis

All that is, is vibration. Every living being, every organ, thought, emotion …, everything vibrates. Every vibration is a sound, whether we can hear it or not. The human body can be compared to a very complex, unique and fine tuned musical instrument. Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and organ resonates with its own frequencies.

The human kind has been using sounds in healing purposes for centuries – the beginnings date back to pre-historic times and even beyond, into the realms of myth, religions and the memory of the soul. Sound has always been considered as a direct link between human and divine. Thus, sound is the only form of healing and an important part of the early teachings of the Indian, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Tibetan, Maya and Aztec peoples.

The material and non-material worlds are made of frequencies.

Sound is the alchemy of frequencies and their energies, a tool for healing the subtle bodies of the spirit as well as the physical body, an instrument to enhance consciousness and sensitization of senses. We are affected by it consciously and unknowingly. The sound is a universal, invisible force that can produce radical changes on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, which has been recognized also in subatomic physics and medicine.

Scientific research supports the thesis that healing with frequencies is based on resonance – it is the property of vibration to spread to other bodies through wave travel, triggering there a similar vibration, as is the power of intention. As sound waves enter the body, they release vibrations into the cells, which help to regenerate and enhance the health of the organism. The intentional use of brain waves represents one of the most advanced techniques for improving the effectiveness, intuition, changing self-image, achieving goals, etc. Brain waves are most easily stimulated by frequency and binaural tones, which is where we come in. We make recordings with healing frequencies for a number of your health and personal issues.

We are a group of sound enthusiasts who have been dealing with Sound and the power of sounds for all our lives. As the technology of frequency and binaural tones progressed we’ve started producing sounds in order to help synchronize the brain waves for all the people in general. We are constantly researching how sounds and frequencies affect the health of people. The audio equipment we use is high-tech and it is in fact the newest software that is used for synchronizing the brain waves.

Our mission is to »bring the sound back to the people« and our vision is to heal and help as many people possible with the power of sound – healing frequencies. We follow the latest scientific studies in this field and we are upgrading the healing sessions all the time.

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla , Inventor of Telephony , Magnetic field , 278 PATENTS registered.