Brainwave entrainment is not the same for everyone! Because each brain is different and may have different responses to brainwave entrainment stimulation. Results will vary between users! Some may experience positive results right away. For others the effect may be very subtle at first, the more dramatic effects sometimes do not occur until after listening to a particular session several times, but not several times in a day, rather once a day for a few weeks. Results also depend on your frame of mind, time of day and your ability to relax and let go. Training the mind with frequencies is similar to training the muscles.

Start off light if you are new to brainwave entrainment!
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The mp3’s aren’t dangerous. But in rare instances some individuals may feel poorly affected by brainwave technology in general. For example, in rare instances someone new to brainwave entrainment may experience mild detachment from reality, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to loud noise, headaches, tearing eyes, mild fear, mild anxiety, confusion, short-term memory problems, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams, head pressure. This is in no way to frighten you, but the above mentioned symptoms have been the experience of some users of some types brainwave entrainment products in general.

Any accidents or injuries caused by listening to our products will be construed as improper use!


Conventional medicine

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Healing properties

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