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Do you want to Release your Stress?

Do you want to Remove Fear?

Are you suffering from Anxiety?

Do you want to improve your Relations with your loved one?

Do you want to Attract Money in your life?


If you are still finding solutions to above problems then you are at right place.

What if we say that there is secret solution to all your worries..!!

In fact, here we want you to do is just read below till the very end.

We are here to Transform your life….

Efforts to Effortless

Illness to Wellness

Scarcity to Abundance

Once you start listening to divine 3D Brainwave music, the positive frequencies will start triggering your mind.

People are so busy with their hectic life that they have started accumulating stress day by day. This stress eventually results into Bad vibes which further results into Illness, Relationship issues, Finance issues etc. Fear, Depression, Anxiety has become the integral part of life.


About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. Medical science says if you maintain Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Sugar level you can lower the risk of Heart disease.





All over the world divorce rate has increased tremendously. Also people generally fail to mingle properly with their colleagues, friends and family as well. It seems people have lost the love factor among them.


Thousands of Start-up failed because today decisions are made on basis of logic rather than gut feeling. The intuitive mind is stronger than logical mind. Business owners are just using logic to come to a conclusion.







Scientists have proved that everything around us is in constant state of vibration.

Basic form of vibration is Sound. It states that one can tune oneself to the perfect rhythm by opening our inner ear to the healing frequency and attuned vibrations.

 After listening to PowerBrain frequency music track, many have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspect of life.

3D BrainWave Technology is the combination of in-depth study of frequency music and latest technology that is soothing to ears. Brainwave & Healing Frequency is an extraordinary scientific tool design by highly qualified expert, to help you improve health, reduce stress, improve sleep, improve your mental and emotional wellbeing and much more. These Brainwaves governs our emotional personality.


How does 3D Brainwave Technology works?

At Wellness Vibe Research Centre, Isochronic tones are utilised while preparing the brainwave frequency tracks. Isocronic tone are most effective tones for brain wave entrainment.

Isochronic tones are single beat tones. Stimulating the brain by rhythmically switching on and off the tones and creating sharp evenly-spaced pulses, having a maximum impact on the brain.

adva of isochronic

Advantages of Isochronic tone are as follows:

  • Improves concentration, relaxes your mind, boosts energy level without any medication. It prepares your brain to focus on given activity. It helps you memorize and retain information.


  • It is popularly being used for meditation. Just by listening to these tones one can feel the effect in few minutes.


  • Relief from Stress / Anxiety – During stress and anxiety brain produces more amount of high beta activities. Isochronic tone frequency will help you lower the dominant frequency, bring you back to low beta activities, thus making you feel relax.


  • Guide you in Meditation: People new to meditation sometimes find it difficult to concentrate. Isochronic tone takes you to attain deeper state of meditation.


  • Helps you in better Sleep: High beta activities creates trouble in sleep. Brainwave entrainment tones are used to bring you down to low beta and low delta frequency activity. One gets sound sleep in this frequency range.


  • Keeps you energetic and motivated: Without caffeine and energy drink just by listening to higher beta and gamma brainwave one can increase alertness.

Testimonials after Listening to WellnessVibe’s 3D BRAINWAVE music tracks:

3D Brainwaves Technology music tracks brought tremendous change in my Health, Career and Relations - Dr. Rashmi.

My finance improved after listening to Prosperity tracks. After Listening to Wellbeing tracks. Major health issue of my mother got healed within 6months- Desai

There is peace and harmony in my house. These music tracks have benefitted me in all walks of my life. I have been recommending 3D Brainwave music tracks to all my acquaintances – Neha Phatak

Wellness Vibe Research Centre has introduced 4 major tracks for Holistic transformation

Well Being-new cd-01

WELL-BEING Frequency track to Transform from Illness to Wellness

      • This Brainwave music will helps you heal your body by producing frequency through which it purifies all negative frequencies which are stuck in the form of dense frequencies and health conditions.

      • This therapeutic music works on Reducing rapid heartbeat, depression, sleeplessness, knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes.

      • Also Heals general behaviours related to stress and anxiety and helps you to come out of depression and live life with energy and well-being.

      • Soothing music frequencies gives you mental peace

PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS frequency track to make yourself a money magnet

 This Brainwave music Directly simulates the brain with advanced sound frequency technology.

      • It alters your conscious and subconscious mindset.

      • Listening to this track will improve your scope of vision which indirectly helps you to grow in your business or job.

      • This music sets Positive attracting money mindset with desire to achieve success. Tunes you to positive money making opportunity.

Prosperity & Success new-01

relation new-01

Relationship & Harmony frequency for experiencing Love among colleagues, friends, family and partner

      • This Brainwave frequency helps you focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues.

      • More you tune to this frequency more your relationship with others gets better and better.

      • It generates peace within yourself which reflects in your relationship.

      • These sound frequencies help in maintaining healthy relationship among peers.

      • It balances and nurtures, love and compassion.

      • It resolves interpersonal conflict.

Personal Growth frequency for reducing emotional stress

      • This Brainwave frequency allows and maintain healthy energy flow in the body.

      • It calms your nervous system and Increases concentration, alertness. Recall large amount of information quickly and efficiently.

      • This calmness also reduces tension and focus on positive thoughts and feeling.

      • It produces frequency of positivity of being your own true self. Remove emotional stress.

      • Eliminates Low self esteem, confidence, fear, phobia and issues related to habits/addictions.

Personal growth cd


Business Intuition and Growth for Increase in Sales:

  • This increases creativity in marketing and sales profession

  • This frequency develops weak areas of performance

  • Improve communication with the customer

  • Develops new abilities and overcome blocks and convert into pattern of increasing sales

  • Help attain hemispheric synchronization

  • Reach powerful new mental states

  • Make you energize to help increase productivity

  • Maintain positive mood state

  • Give confidence to create a win-win situation




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Meet Creator of Music Track Rivesh Vade, Sound and Frequency Expert with Ayurveda as Major

Rivesh Vade pic01

  • Master Sound Therapist Rivesh Vade is an eloquent spiritual orator.

  • He has done his masters in management studies from IIT BOMBAY.

  • He is spiritual master and highly attuned to sound and frequencies. One often meets his destiny at the least expected time. True to this, he met with the near-death accident in 2011, which changed his world, spiritually. During this phase, he got a paradigm shift from corporate life and started understanding music.

  • He became neoteric sound therapist naturally. Quantum Physics (Spandashastra) was revealed to him when he was bedridden for months. He left his corporate job and started following research in Sound & Frequency and the spiritual path using Nada Yoga

  • Uniqueness about Rivesh is his voice. It is tuned to positive frequencies which are now being used for chanting sonic mantras. His voice frequency creates an aura which benefits people associated with him.

  • This phenomena of Rivesh’s voice can be better understood by research made by Dr.Alfred A. Tomatis. It states that emotions of a person are reflected in his voice.

  • The affirmations from Rivesh’s voice, which have a strong backbone of Siddha lineage, help people, get tuned to right frequencies. This SAGA (Spiritually Aligned Guided Affirmations) philosophy has been used to design Rivesh’s DNA and NAVEL activation workshop.



Recently, he was awarded with Times Group prestigious Speaking Tree award for his achievement in “Spirituality and Holistic Wellbeing Using Sound and Frequency Therapy”.


Rivesh_with_TonyNadar_Mr_&_MrsWellness Vibe participated in  The Second International Ayurveda Congress, held in London from 1 to 3 April 2017, organized by the All India Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi, the International Academy of Ayurved, Pune and the International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, The Netherlands.

2015 – Rivesh Vade received Arogyam award on International Yoga and Music day.

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  1. How to buy the 3D Brainwave music Tracks?

For Paypal users, Click on “Buy Now with Paypal”.  For other users, click on “Buy Now (Rupee Buyers)“Button.

To ensure a successful and complete download of our MP3 file/s, we highly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer before transferring the downloaded music track/s to your desired music player device.

  1. What are Healing Frequencies?

Healing frequencies are frequencies that could be used to heal different conditions or to stimulate a certain area of the body.

There are 5 different types of brain wave frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These waves are in constant motion. The brain generates consistent waves at all frequencies.

Theta state takes you into deep relaxation.  It is generally used for hypnosis and REM SLEEP.  The frequency of these Theta waves are 4-7 cycles per second.

Just by listening to it people can meditate for hours together.

Theta brain waves works on our subconscious mind; they operate between the conscious and the unconscious mind and help us retain memories and feelings. It also governs our belief system and behavior. Theta State is a very powerful state. It can be compared to state of trance

  1. Do we need training to operate this technology?

No, neither special training, experience nor practice is needed. Frequency Music Tracks can be used regularly with or without headphones.

  1. How to get 100% benefit from this technology?

After starting a session, close your eyes and relax, put yourself in comfortable

position even lying down or sitting on a comfortable chair, close your eyes and

immerse yourself in audio that can change your mind. Also drink a lot of water

before listening to a session. Listen to the sounds and simply allow yourself to get lost into the world of positive attitude where there is no space for worries and anxieties.

  1. Who should not listen to this technology?

Those meeting any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not should not use this application:

  • Pregnant women.

  • Those prone to or have had seizures or if you have a damaged brain.

  • Those who are photosensitive.

  • Those who should consult a physician.

  • Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.

  1. What are other DON’Ts for using this technology?

  • Do not listen to brainwave entrainment products if you are taking psychiatric

  • Do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.

  • Do not listen to brainwave entrainment products if you have a history of Epilepsy.

  • If you have any kind of Psychiatric or mental disorder, ask your doctor or psychiatrist if it’s OK for you to listen to brainwave entrainment mp3’s before you order.

For Support : info@wellnessvibe.com