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How Sound Works?

Everything is in movement, from electrons circling the nucleus in an atom, to planets revolving around suns in galaxies. Everything vibrates and if it vibrates, it is making a sound. – Novalis

According to Spand Shastra, one of our ancient scriptures, we are not separated from the vibrations that are interdependent in its resonance and fundamentals which help to maintain and regulate our mood and health.Sound frequencies bring balance, relaxation and wholeness to our body. A group of elements create sound which may be used for healing, transformation or relaxation.Isotonic tones provide stimulation. Isotonic tones are a very effective audio-based method of stimulating the brain.

Sound as Alternative Medicine:

  • Energize Chakras
  • Remove Fear
  • Improve Health Patterns
  • Improves concentration and helps you attain deeper state of meditation
  • Relief from Stress / Anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Keeps you energetic and motivated

Rivesh Vade Founder of Wellness-Vibe & Creator of PowerBrain CDs. Academically an Engineering Post-graduate and executive management from IIT Bombay.

With an extensive background in marketing and product management, Rivesh uses a unique approach to Coaching Principles and his study in the field of Sound Healing, DNA & Epigenetic helps him understand how the environment from early childhood impacts the development of the person..

He has conducted lectures on “Stress Management with Sound” and “Energy Management for the Executives” at various corporate.

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Our Workshop

DNA & Navel Activation with Sound & Frequency

It is a workshop which will help you change your frequency from scarcity to prosperity,

Certificate Program on Sound & Frequency

Sound Healing Therapy is becoming internationally recognized as an effective tool in the healing process of stress related conditions.

Naad Yoga – The Yoga of Sound

There is no other Yoga as fast and powerful as “Naad Yoga” to grow spiritually and to remove stress, Struggle and illness.

Urdhavareta Kriya By Sound Vibrations

Sex energy is responsible for our enthusiasm, passion, and commitment and how we present ourselves to the world. aimed at cultivating


“Ultimate Truth” is the awareness that we are more than just Human Beings having a physical experience.As you become conscious of your


Video Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  • 3D Brainwaves Technology music tracks brought tremendous change in my Health, Career and Relations - Dr. Rashmi.

  • My finance improved after listening to Prosperity tracks. After Listening to Wellbeing tracks. Major health issue of my mother got healed within 6months- Desai

  • There is peace and harmony in my house. These music tracks have benefitted me in all walks of my life. I have been recommending 3D Brainwave music tracks to all my acquaintances – Neha Phatak